Internet stops Hitler. Apparently.

Nobel literature prize winner Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio, announced this weekend that should the internet have existed earlier it could have easily prevented the rise of Hitler and the Second World War.

An interesting thought.

His point lies with the internet being such a powerful public tool, and with the speed at which information on websites and blogs can be uploaded and viewed, this has given the world a new tool to forestall conflicts. “Who knows, if the Internet had existed at the time, perhaps Hitler’s criminal plot would not have succeeded – ridicule might have prevented it from ever seeing the light of day,” he said.

Equally, it may also have been the opposite way around, especially in light as to how Mr Obama utilised the ‘net for his presidential campaign – scarily well, by all reckonings.

That’s my thought-provoking blog of the week done, and it’s only Monday.


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