Strange Questions

One of the reasons why I love the end of the year so much is the fact that everyone starts churning out random yearly reports.

Following on from my recent post about the terrible top searches queried on Yahoo, today sees releasing their query-question data. As with Yahoo, the UK once again displays a wonderful cultural sophisitication and completely plays up to the sterotype with which Europe, if not the world views us… The top question on Ask UK was… “Am I pregnant?”

The top ten results were also peppered with other such lovely gems like: “What’s the minimum wage?” and “Where can I get a cheap loan?” One question that narrowly missed making the grade was “How can I improve my libido?” Obviously, celebrity made the list, with (in all fairness, quite a good question), “Who is the Stig?”, but more randomly “Why is the sky blue?” also made the list.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I suddenly have a very vivid mental image as to what the core demographic of UK internet users looks like…


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