Decca Decisions

Some time ago, Decca Records made the decision to reject a little-known, Liverpool-based band called the Beatles. On reflection, this was a pretty silly thing to do, as John, Paul, Ringo and George went on to become one of the most successful and famous bands in history.  This is completely comparable against what is happening with UK businesses and the internet. 

A survey released today from the Chartered Management Institute shines a light upon the fact that unbelievably, IT sector employers are failing to harness online technology.

The report was created from questioning over 860 businesses, ranging from all sizes – 25 employees to over 10,000 – with the aim of examining the workplace where younger staff have grown up with the internet. 26% of staff aged 35 or under surveyed said their employers wait too long before adopting online technology that can help their businesses grow. 10% described their companies as dinosaurs in their attitude to technology.

77% responded that they access the internet for professional development and 64% say it helps them in their work, despite around 6 out 10 employers monitoring staff internet use, more than half blocking specific websites and 12% giving only limited access at allocated times.

The CMI suggested that organisations need to harness the confidence of younger individuals online as “Failure to do so will lead to the loss of top talent or let competitors build advantage through a better equipped and enabled workforce.”

At least someone recognises the issue here.


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