Following on from yesterday’s news that Lycos will soon cease to be, it appears another search engine has bitten the dust.

Anyone visiting SearchMash will be greeted with the homepage message “SearchMash… Has gone the way of the dinosaur.” I like to think this partly supports my opinion that search is undeniably becoming more and more competitive at an alarming rate. That said, SearchMash was owned by Google, so with the site recieving low traffic volumes and no decent financial return, its reasonably fair to understand why they shut it down. The cynical side of me thinks that this could be a newish tactic by Google – buying up the smaller searchers, then closing them down to ensure they can stay top-dog. Afterall, we’ve seen other companies do it in just about every imaginable industry, from property to retail.

As an aside, I hope they don’t get hold of SearchCrystal just yet. I stumbled upon this hidden gem a couple of days ago and suggest you have a look at it. It’s a fairly innovative approach to search AND comes as a widget.


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