Kumo Kudos – Microsoft Updating Search?

Rumours are rapidly floating around the ‘net that Microsoft’s Live Search will be replaced by a new model.

Techcrunch report that a source within the company has confirmed that it will be re-branding and increasing it’s focus upon search, and although no-one really knows what will be replacing Live, the name being banded around a hell of a lot is Kumo.

Kumo is apparently Japanese for “cloud” or “spider”, and it’s even being alleged that Microsoft have bought the kumo.com domain name. It’s a good move by the company, especially in the wake of the Yahoo fiasco, to be increasing a focus upon search, but let’s not forget that Google owns the market and they’ll have a hard time taking any of that away, even with a fancy name.


One response to “Kumo Kudos – Microsoft Updating Search?

  1. You can put a new sticker on Live.com and it will still be crap. They need to fix the algorithim and then get people using it. Two things not achieved with Live.

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