Struggling Search

Last week Yahoo announced a riduculous number of job cuts.

I didn’t find this the least bit funny, but it amused me that they shunned Microsoft’s massive offer of $CRAZY million dollars a few months ago, and now the company’s shares have plummeted vastly below what they refused.

Now, even Microsoft is looking a bit panicky though, this morning releasing news that they’re expecting online revenue growth to slow to between 6% – 10 % in the next quarter, with display advertising being dramtically affected by the economic environment. Note: Display, NOT Paid Search, which could mean great rates for advertisers.Despite this slightly pessimistic prediction, Micrcosoft’s online functions still just made a cool $770m (£495m) these past THREE months and, a slight slap in the face for Yahoo, Microsoft just posted quarterly results of $21bn MORE than Yahoo’s entire market cap of $17.5bn (£11.2bn).

A new breed of begger is about to be born? Spare some change, anyone?


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