Return of the King

The expression “Content is King” is a great expression; one that is certainly true.

I’m seeing an increase in interest in usability, particularly on websites. This ties in neatly with the fact that I get very frustrated watching brilliant online campaigns driving massive volumes of traffic to sites, only for the users to drop off when they get there. Usually, it’s the guys behind the campaign who get it in the neck (what’s new?!): no one (certainly not the site owners) think to question the design or usability of the where the users are landing.

But times are changin’, and suddenly, there seems to be an increased interest in what happens AFTER a user leaves an SEM campaign. This also encompasses various aspects of analytics, where the user returns to the site at a later date, but it’s the main concepts of usability that get me: Good design can not be underestimated as to how much infuence it can have.


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