Caught Phishin’

Since my last comments about phishing, it seems that the BBC has (somehow) unearthed a massive campaign by online fraudsters to use credit card details gleaned from online users, create fake cards with the information, and then clean out accounts by using the self-service checkouts in supermarkets and petrol-stations. Clever Buggers.

But, the UK cyber-police has just shut down an international website where cyber-crooks were trading financial information and ID of users. Darkmarket had been up and running for around three years and being responsible for fraud running into the £millions. It’s quite worrying, but sites and forums like this are increasing – more information here.

But what I truly appreciate, (always look on the brightside of life), is that the site closure and consequent arrests were made due to ex-hackers following electronic trails for the police. Bad-guys-now-turned-good… It’s like a 21st Century Catch Me If You Can. Or WarGames. Or something along those lines.
Whatever; point is, this also appears to be an increasing phenomenon. We owe you thanks, Geeks of Justice!


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