Slow News is Good News…?

Just a quick post today:

Following on from my offhand comments yesterday about the rapidly developing merge between online and offline media (mainly television), the internet and the technology it brings is undoubtly a brilliant means to unite global news. Fine; we all know that, but it seems to me that with the ever-growing presence of the web in people’s lives, the internet iteself is increasingly becoming a subject of news.

Just by Googling the term “internet news” yields 111m search results, and “news ABOUT the internet” gives me 170m. Ok, a lot of this will be indexed back to past issues – some results might not even be that relevant – but all the major players around the globe have either microsites or pages dedicated solely to developments within the online industry, and they seem to be getting bigger and better each day. Whilst obvious players include wide-ranges from BBC technology and the Guardian, through to CNN and the New York Times, it seems the internet (rather ironically) is promoting itself online through other portal news sources, such as the current Yahoo homepage (TWO features this morning: Mi6 recruiting through Facebook and the creation of a new internet watchdog) and MSN, through to the likes of specialist sites like NewsNow and Blinkx. Even blogs can provide reasonably up-to-date news.

The internet is using itself to shamelessly self-promote, and I love it even more for that very reason.


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