Social Tuesdays


This week, another research report was released which analysed the average user’s time spent on social networking sites. Whilst it strikes me that NewBay Software need to show an understanding of their products in the market, it nevertheless seems a slight waste of time and resources to conclude overall that Tuesday is the most popular day for updating profiles and status, “usually” between 10pm and 11pm. How could this possibly be any use to anyone? For argument’s sake, if you were to go down the path of targeted advertising, then, great – you have a time-frame to work with, but no real demographic. I’m still slightly confused as to which country this research was carried out in, let alone an understanding of the important data that could be drawn from this. (Read: Male/Female activity, Ages Groups, Location etc).

More usefully though, the report indicated that the average social networker spends an around fourteen minutes on their Myspace/Facebook/Bebo/etc. accounts whilst on the move, which is actually quite a decent insight into the rapidly growing relationship between mobile technology, the internet and users. I’m fairly sure that other information could have just as easily revealed this, but perhaps Newbay wanted a decent piece of PR; the kind of titbit-info you mention whilst in the pub. My cynisism slightly takes over here, as their research neatly ties in the release of the world’s first “Aggregated Mobile Social Networking Solution“. It sounds like an impressive product, (it probably is an impressive product), but the fact that it’s made by Newbay themselves hardly makes all this research impartial. They may know the market and want to prove themselves, but for all their efforts, perhaps we could have ended up with something a bit more informative.


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